94% Level 497 Answers

Here are the answers to 94% puzzles Level 497

94% Something you do while waiting in line answers

Phone, Text, Check phone, Play on phone, Look at phone, Call, Go on phone, Phone call, Play games, Facebook, Look at your phone, Phone games, Play on your phone, Check social media, Play with phone, Use phone, Be on phone, Be on the phone, Be on your phone, Call someone, Calling, Cell phone, Check my phone, Check voicemail, Check your phone, Checking phone – 48%
Talk, Chat, Chatting, Chat to others – 25%
Read, Read a book, Read magazine – 10%
Look around, People watch, Watch people – 6%
Tap foot, Fidget, Fidgit, Tap your foot, Bounce on your feet – 5%

94% Something you do to put a baby to sleep answers

Sing, Lullaby, Music, Hum, Song, Sing a lullaby, Sing to it, Sing lullaby – 35%
Rock, Rock them, Rock it, Sway, Rock back and forth, Rocking – 26%
Feed, Milk, Nurse, Bottle, Feed it, Feed milk, Food, Give bottle, Feed bottle, Feed the baby, Feed them, Feed then, Give milk – 15%
Read, Story, Read a story, Tell a story, Read book, Tell story, Fairytale – 7%
Cuddle, Hold, Cradle, Swaddle, Hold them, Swaddle them, Cuddle it, Cuddly – 6%
Drive, Car ride, Ride in car, Car, Drive around, Drive in car, Drive in the car, Drive them in car, Take for a drive, Take for a ride – 5%

Picture, Photo, Frame, Polaroid, Pictures, Frames, Photos, Picture frame, Poloroid, Photograph, Photo frame, Picture frames, Photo frames, Photographs – 41%
Beach – 24%
Ocean, Sea – 18%
Friends, Best friends, Friendship, Bestfriends, Bestfriend, Best friend – 9%
Travel, Vacation, Holiday, Holidays – 2%



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